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  4. Goddess Annea

    Have an account but won't let me log in?

    ok, it looks like on January 6 you changed your password. the email you have on file begins with xx if you are sure you're using the correct email, you can click on forgot password and it will send you an email so that you can reset your password. if you aren't sure what email you're using or if you still have issues, you can reach me on discord - i am @Anne3800 - and I can help you further
  5. I'm also having problems logging into my account, I've even tried with my email... my username is- n0body
  6. Goddess Annea

    Have an account but won't let me log in?

    hi! You will need to login using your email address (instead of username) and password. This is a recent change we made for better security for all members. let me know if you need any additional help and I will make sure you get logged in
  7. I haven't logged on here in awhile and when I just tried it wouldn't let me. My username is Darkest Rosé. Help would be appreciated!
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  10. Goddess Annea

    Just saying hi

    the difference is this one is newer, fresher, functional, and run by staff that care & are around to assist with any issues you should join and check us out!
  11. Guest

    Just saying hi

    I didn't know this forum existed till I made an account on mpa, so I was just seeing what this one was like ✌
  12. I recently changed the settings, so all members need to login using your email address + password. This was done as a basic security measure. If you're having issues logging in, please message me on discord or find me on mpa... I am @Anne#3800 on discord.
  13. Goddess Annea

    Please help me log in.

    you must login using email address (not display name)
  14. Guest

    Please help me log in.

    Tried a couple of times to log in, waited the customary time when it locked me out.
  15. we had to disable Tapatalk because it was messing up the site so bad. you will have to use the mobile version or desktop version to access us now - sorry!!
  16. I can't find the help forum! Tapatalk doesn't want me to say hello.
  17. Hello. I'm trying to lose weight using medication and restricting
  18. Guest

    Just checking it out

    Just checking it out
  19. Guest

    new here :)

    Hi, I'm just now hearing about this site, and I'm looking around to see what it's like!
  20. Guest

    I’m new

    Hey everyone! im new here. glad to join!
  21. Guest

    new here :)

    just looking around
  22. Goddess Annea

    new here :)

    hi, thanks for stopping by!
  23. Guest

    new here :)

    hi just visiting
  24. Guest

    just curious

    I just relapsed and I went on mpa but I was curious about what is here. Thanks
  25. Guest

    New to EDC

    Hi, I’m new to edc. I’ve heard wonderful things about it. It gets lonely and isolating at times, and I truly appreciate having a community to discuss things I can’t with others. I hope I can offer good input as well to EDC.
  26. Guest


    Just saying hi here while I wait for MPA technical issues to resolve, I guess
  27. Guest


    Hi so baso i went through a bit where i recovered physically, and gained lots of weight quite quickly, and now i’m covered in these horrible stretch marks that are killing my mental state again and causing a relapse but i’m struggling so hard to lose any weight now?? does anyone have any idea why i can’t lose it ? when i’m doing what i used to do ?
  28. nice to see the update happen. I'll see if i can find my old login
  29. Guest


  30. Guest

    Just stopping by :)

    I used to go on this site religiously 2018-2020. I'm over on pancake now (different name) but just wanted to say your upgrade is hella cool and I hope everyone's doing well *hugs*
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