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DISCORD SERVERS - NEW RULE - PLEASE READ - Goddess Annea - 03-13-2019

Effective immediately, members are no longer allowed to make threads or post comments advertising, linking, or recommending their own personal Discord or any other Discord (ED related or otherwise) they (or their friends) participate in, heard about, created, etc.

The sole reason for this rule comes down to ensuring the safety of all members and staff on EDC. EDC has had plenty of threads, posts, and questions regarding discord servers available to join for x reason. We have allowed most of these threads to remain up in the forums only after EDC’s staff joined these various discord servers to scope them out and “vet” them as best we could. Realistically though, it’s impossible for anyone to truly be able to adequately vet other discords since obviously any nefarious activity won’t occur openly in a general chat channel.

Since more and more people use Discord as a way to keep in touch, it’s not surprising there are ED Discords of every sort. Unfortunately, this also ends up being another way or platform the creeps, trolls, and predators have at their disposal. Therefore, I cannot in good conscience allow essentially any random member link or advertise a discord server when I have no way of knowing/guaranteeing that it isn’t a Discord full of predators simply under the guise of a dedicated EDC member who has made their own Discord.

Yes, EDC does have its own discord; however, it is moderated by EDC’s staff who can verify that each member that joins EDC’s discord is a current member of EDC. An electronic trail remains of discord and EDC usernames, and since EDC’s discord is an extension of EDC, staff have the discretion to mute, remove, and ban members that break the rules. Additionally, discord members can be traced back to their EDC account and banned from the site if necessary.

Please understand I’m not posting this to discourage any of you from enjoying any other “outside” Discords – I actually encourage you to check out other discords if that’s your thing! I think it’s great to meet people around the forums, chat, get to know each other, even meet up if it works out that way. I do not want to dissuade anyone from joining or participating in a Discord server, but I would ask that you spread the word/invite to your personal (or friend’s) discord to other members via PM and spread the word that way.

After this notice has been posted, the moderators will allow a grace period so anyone who previously posted a thread regarding a discord server can do us a solid and delete their thread/posts. Following that, I will be going through and deleting any threads/posts pertaining to discord servers. Any future threads/posts with any Discord server links will be removed immediately.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this new rule, please message the moderating team. Thanks for your understanding!

Here is a link to all moderator/staff profile pages if you have any questions or concerns:
Goddess Annea

RE: DISCORD SERVERS - NEW RULE - PLEASE READ - government - 03-14-2019

if a discord server is talked about in a post of a thread but a link isn't provided will that be deleted as well

RE: DISCORD SERVERS - NEW RULE - PLEASE READ - Goddess Annea - 03-14-2019

(03-14-2019, 01:51 PM)government Wrote: if a discord server is talked about in a post of a thread but a link isn't provided will that be deleted as well

No, if you mention you are in x discord (I don't care if the discord has a name and you refer to it by that name) or the other day everyone was talking about x in discord....that's cool. You don't have to hide the fact you are in any discord or anything. The main goal and focus here is safety to make it hopefully that much more difficult for a creepy member to create a discord for the sole purpose of trying to lure members to their shady discord lair of ana starvation and death. Just use common sense and you should be good. Obviously if you spammed a thread 50 times in a row saying 'PM me to join my really cool Ana Discord', that would be more like advertising a discord and not allowed.

Mostly I've just seen threads whose sole intention was to advertise a discord, ask about discords to join, etc. and those are what opens us all up to potential issues.

Let me know if anything I said isn't clear and you have other questions.


Queens of Safety Heart