What do stars mean?
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12-10-2018, 06:53 PM -
They show up under my name on the desktop version. What are they for and what do they do? How do you lose/earn them? Thanks!
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they don't really have much purpose, they just go up as you post. they're a bit messy atm, blame @"Helvets Mørke" and her two stars
but regardless, mods/admins have more, members go up periodically to 5/6, and they're just for show

as far as i'm aware, lmao
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12-11-2018, 07:03 AM -

Essentially stars are based on what "group" you are in as you move up in post count. The only reason there are groups that are post count dependent is because some forums are protected and you need 50 posts or 100 posts plus be a member for 3 weeks, etc. So each "group" has a set amount of starts that goes with each group.

The most amount of stars for a group is 6.

Really, the stars were a built-in feature and have no real meaning or significance other than being associated with a group. Sorry to disappoint!
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